cuptimo is a game changer coffee maker

Aryan Joshani experience with cuptimo

Aryan Joshani

Coffee enthusiast

cuptimo is a game changer coffee maker!

The manual pump creates a vacuum in server and the beverage is forced through the paper filter by the reduced pressure. In addition, it produces much more liquid than simply allowing the coffee to draw down via gravity.

For this brew I used coffee from Brazil (Inacio Soares 454) natural anaerobic catuai by @manhattancoffeeroasters.

10,2g, 1/17 ratio, Temperatur 97°C

10 clicks on comandante grinder!

TDS:1.75, EY28.03

Deep and strong notes of whiskey and chocolate. No bitterness! No astringency!

You must try cuptimo if you want the new taste experience!“